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Top 5 Scripts to optimise your Google Ad Grants

How To Use Google Ads Scripts

Managing a Google Ad Grants account can be very time-consuming, especially for charities running multiple campaigns and projects. We use Google Ads scripts to make automated changes in our Ads accounts.

Scripts use JavaScript code to automatically make changes like pausing ad groups, making a list of the most popular search terms, or sending an email when the account runs ads with broken URLs. 

Scripts can help you manage your Ads Grants account more efficiently by flagging things that need attention and making quick changes to keep your account compliant with Google’s policies. And the best thing about scripts is you don’t even have to know how to code, as there are lots of free scripts that can help you manage your account with minimum change on your part.

Why should you use automated scripts?

The main reason to use automated scripts for Ad Grants is to keep your account compliant. A script can help you avoid suspension by pausing low-quality score keywords or sending you an email when your account has enabled ad groups with no ads, things that can get your account suspended until you fix the issues.

If you need a refresher on the Ad Grants compliance rules, you can find them here

Scripts help you track what’s going on in your account by sending emails with need-to-know information.

How to set up a script

The Scripts tab is inside your Tools & Settings - Bulk Actions. 

how to create a script

Click the plus button to create a new script. Here’s where you’ll add and edit your code.


Before saving the script, you’ll have to confirm that this script has the authority to make changes to your account by accepting Authorise Now and granting access. 

script schedule

We recommend that you preview the script before publishing to make sure it works and there aren’t any errors with the code. Once the script is published, you can schedule it to run once, daily, weekly or monthly at a specified time.

Best Google Ads scripts for Charities

Most of our clients are charities with an Ad Grants account, and after years of working with them, we’ve tested and discarded many scripts. These are the ones we use regularly and have made our jobs easier:

1. Google Ad Grants Account Compliance - This script helps you check if your Ad Grants account complies with Google’s policy. By adding this script to your account and setting it to run weekly, you’ll be notified about the following:

  • Single-word keywords that are not branded or not in the official authorised list
  • Campaigns using bids higher than 2 dollars that aren’t part of an automated bid strategy
  • Campaigns that have less than 2 ad groups, less than 2 active text ads or no RSA
  • The account doesn’t have active sitelinks
  • Keywords that have a quality score under 3
  • Account CTR is under 5%

Copy-paste the script into your account and make a copy of the spreadsheet in the script, then replace the one in the code with your new sheet. Update the email and branded keywords with your own, preview, and set the script to run weekly.

2. Link Checker - This official Google Ads script, runs through your account, checking all of your ads, keywords and sitelinks to ensure their URLs don't produce "Page not found" or other error responses. It adds all the error URLs to a spreadsheet and emails you the results. 

This script is easier to set up as it's part of a template provided by Google. Click the plus button, select Start from a template (instead of New Scrip) and select Link Checker. Make a copy of the spreadsheet and replace it with yours. Then add your email address, preview and schedule it to run hourly. 

3. Low QS Score - This script runs through your account, checking that all your keywords have a Quality Score of at least 3. Any Ad Grants account with enabled keywords with a score lower than 3 risks getting the account suspended, so it's essential to avoid it. This script will automatically pause keywords below a Quality Score of 3 and send you an email with the terms that have been paused. 

Just copy the code, add your email address, and set it to "true" to pause your keywords automatically. Then, preview and schedule the script to run daily.

4. Trending Search Terms - This script captures all the top search terms in your account and adds them to a sheet. The sheet compares the search terms against the week before and the same week last year. This is really useful for tracking search behaviour, identifying new search trends and finding terms that should be excluded or added as keywords. 

Copy the code into Ads, create a sheet and add it to the script. Add your email address and the name of your account. Preview and schedule it to run weekly.


top search terms script

5. Negative Keyword Conflicts - If you add new keywords regularly, it is easy to miss when a term has been previously added as a negative keyword, which will cause your new ad not to show. Having this script enabled to run daily or weekly will help you detect conflicting negative keywords.

Copy this script into your account, make a copy of the spreadsheet and add yours instead, add your email address and preview the script. Set it to run daily or weekly.

We hope you find these scripts useful, it can seem scary implementing a script for the first time, but the ones we’ve selected are very easy to edit and come with step-by-step guides.

Get in touch if you would like to learn more about the tools we use to manage Ad Grants accounts and how we can help your charity.


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