Google Ad Grants Setup

Registering with the Ad Grants can be hard, there are so many steps!

We help charities and non-profits register on the programme and get their accounts approved. We then build the accounts in an easy-to-navigate structure divided by clear themes to ensure they’re compliant with Google’s policies.

Google Ad Grants Management

Managing and keeping a Google Ad Grants account compliant isn’t easy. We provide full monthly account management, including optimal account structure, keyword research, ad copy variants, ad extensions, bidding strategies and more.

Our clients get a detailed end-of-month report with key metrics, account progress, successes, challenges and plans for the coming month.

Google Display Ads

With the use of banners, gifs and creatives, we can reach users with the same interests as your non-profit. Your ads will show up on the websites they visit, on relevant content related to your mission and will appear only for the type of users you choose.

Display ads usually have very low cost-per-click and can reach a significant number of users. It’s perfect for promoting specific campaigns.

For example: Your non-profit is organising an informative event for young people to teach them about the dangers of Homelessness, and you want your ads to appear for people aged 18 to 24 living in Brighton who are socially conscious.

Google Video Ads

Turn your Youtube videos into ads to help you promote your non-profit. Video Ads are great for raising awareness of your organisation. Your ads will show on Youtube and other websites.

Video ads have a low cost-per-view, and they’re useful for reaching users that share the same interests as your organisation.

For example: Your non-profit has a high-quality video from your last fundraising event and you want to use it to promote your next event, so you target users interested in your organisation’s mission.


We use remarketing to reach users that have already visited your website but didn’t complete any of your key actions or that did, but haven’t been back to your site in a long time.

We’ll build remarketing audiences that we can later target with specific messaging, and that will show up at the exact right moment.

For example: Your non-profit holds monthly film screenings to raise funds, and you sell your tickets on your site. You could create two audiences, one to target all the users that came to your screening three months ago, but haven’t come back, and another to target users that visited your website in the last week but didn’t buy any tickets.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads are a great way to advertise on a platform with a lower cost-per-click, higher conversion rate and usually better quality traffic than Google.

We normally import the structure from your Google Ad Grants into Bing Ads and focus on the most relevant traffic.

For example: You’ve noticed on your Google Analytics page that a significant part of users that donated to your non-profit come through Bing, so you decide it’s time to create ads in that platform to increase donations.

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Granting Access

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Reviewing the account

One of our Google Ads Certified Professionals will analyse your account's performance, structure and compliance.

Getting your Ad Grants report

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