The Foundling Museum

Key Metrics:


Increase in clicks


increase in year to year free ad spend


increase in CTR


Increase in ad spend over three months

About the Foundling Museum

The Foundling Museum is based in the heart of London close to Kings Cross and explores the history of The Foundling Hospital. Their website has a wide variety of functions – it provides information to the public on visits, special events and venue hire. It also provides information to volunteers.

The Challenge

The Foundling Museum approached us to help them drive more targeted, interested users to the museum website using the Google Ad Grant.

Key objectives included:

  • Increasing spend and click volume for targeted, relevant searches from the Google Ad Grant.
  • Producing measurement and reporting on key website conversion actions via Google Analytics.
  • Increasing enquiries and interest in venue hire and events the museum runs.

The results

An additional £12,300 in Ad Grant spend leveraged over 3 months. An 81% increase in year-on-year spend.

A 52% increase in clicks to the website, driving thousands more targeted users to their website with a 72% increase in clickthrough rate (CTR)

Additional Analytics event and goal tracking in place to monitor conversions such as PDF downloads and enquiries

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