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Prostate Cancer Research is the only prostate cancer charity that focuses solely on research to treat and cure the disease. They fund scientific research through donations and fundraisers, raise awareness and promote important and relevant information about prostate cancer.

The Challenge

The Ad Grants is a very important marketing channel for PCR and so it was vital for us to get their conversion tracking working properly in Google Analytics. Adding more in depth conversion tracking allows us to better analyse user behaviour. 

PCR wanted to increase their donations and maximise the monthly spend allocation each month of their Ad Grants.

The Results

  • Successfully implemented accurate form and donation tracking in Google Analytics
  • Drive £1,000s in donations every month
  • Increased spend by 126% to fully utilise the £7700 per month allocation
  • Increased website visitors from the Ad Grants by 66% year-on-year
  • Contributing to 16% of all booklet downloads

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